WorkCover and TAC Consultations

It is your responsibility to be aware of all legal implications when choosing to make a claim through WorkCover/WorkSafe Insurers as laws vary between States and Territories across Australia.
Please read the following regarding using our clinic for these claims.

As you may be aware WorkCover is a type of work compensation insurer. When you suffer work injuries and if you choose reimbursement of any losses and expenses arising from a workplace injury, it is WorkCover who pays your workers compensation  benefits. As such, any medical condition or treatment related to your claim cannot be billed to Medicare.

It is necessary to have separate records for WorkCover/WorkSafe consults and other general medical issues.
To allow our clinic to respond appropriately, the following procedures have been put into place:

  • To keep your WorkCover/WorkSafe appointment focused on this issue, we request that you do not see your usual doctor for these appointments. We recommend that you choose a different doctor for your WorkCover/WorkSafe related issues. You will still be able to see your usual doctor for other matters. Otherwise, if necessary, you can make an appointment to see your usual doctor immediately before or after yourWorkCover/WorkSafe appointment for other matters.
  • WorkCover/WorkSafe appointments are just for that issue only.
  • All WorkCover/WorkSafe appointments will need to be paid for by the patient as a private consultation at the time of consultation. A receipt will be given in order for you to be reimbursed by your employer’s insurance company.

There is much paperwork and time involved with Insurance claims of this type and these procedures have been established to help us provide the best care to aid the patient’s rehabilitation and swift return to work.