Our Services

Repeat prescriptions can be requested online through HotDoc. Patient’s requisition repeat prescriptions must have been seen in the last 6 months. We do not accept requests for drugs of dependence including codeine. Please read our repeat prescription policy.

We prefer that our patients return to see their doctor for any results. Is this is not possible, please call between 1pm and 2pm and our practice nurses can assist.

At North East Family Medicine we offer many services for women’s health.

We offer family planning advice, cervical screening and breast checks. We can also offer insertion of intrauterine devices and Implanon’s for contraception.

We are happy to see any children for any concerns. We work closely with the local paediatric team in Wangaratta and can refer to them when needed.

We undertake all government funded immunisations including childhood immunisations and flu immunisations. We also can immunise to prevent against infections contracted during travel.

We can provide skin checks with any of our doctors and can offer minor surgery and other treatments in the clinic if any suspicious lesions are found.

We are happy to offer you travel health advice including immunisations.

Dr Clare Wright is an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination provider.

We can provide antenatal care at the clinic. Dr Clare Wright offers shared care.

We can offer advice regarding sports related injuries. Dr Sean Warfe has a specialist interest in this area and is the medical officer for the Murray Bushrangers.

We can provide driving medicals for our patients. All appointments are to be booked for 30 minutes. For commercial driving medicals, there is no medicare rebate and there will be a charge of $170+GST.

We provide health assessments for:

  • children
  • aboriginal and torres strait islander patients
  • patients from 40-49 at risk of developing diabetes
  • patients aged 45-49 at risk of developing a chronic disease
  • patients over the age of 75

We develop chronic disease management plans with our patients to ensure their conditions are being managed appropriately and by the best team of health professionals.

For patients with mental health conditions we can offer longer appointments and can prepare Mental Health Care plans when required.

We welcome men to present to the clinic with any men’s health related concerns.