Repeat Prescriptions


It is our policy that if at all possible, patients make an appointment for all prescription medications.
All prescriptions, including repeat prescriptions, are best provided face to face at consultation to ensure patient safety.
This enables your doctor to do the following:

  • Review your medical record
  • Confirm correct patient details, medication and dose
  • Confirm if the medication is still required, if a dose adjustment is required or if any special monitoring is necessary

Your doctor may also need to consider whether a special government authority is required, or special government regulations regarding the medication or other health matters affecting decisions about the medication be provided.

Provision of medication
You are encouraged to arrange provision of future prescription/medication needs during routine consultations with your doctor.
If you are unable to make an appointment for a repeat prescription, the doctor is still required to review and maintain your medical record and will charge a fee for their professional time spent and costs incurred. They may also refuse the request for a prescription without consultation.

Without consultation
For prescriptions provided without consultation, we do request at least 72 hours notice, and a fee of $21 is to be paid. The following conditions must also be met:

  1. The patient must have been seen face to face at North East Family Medicine in the last 6 months
  2. The patient must have been prescribed the medication by the North East Family Medicine before
  3. Exceptions will not generally be made by doctors for drugs of dependence such as narcotics, benzodiazepines and other sedatives. Examples include:
    • Panadeine Forte, Endone, Oxycodone, Targin, MS Contin
    • Diazepam/Valium, Oxazepam/Serepax, Temazepam, Stilnox.





Patients should be aware of their responsibilities in requesting prescriptions for drugs of dependence. These responsibilities are explained in the practice drugs of dependence policy for patients and in the ‘Patient agreement for drugs of dependence therapy’.
Patients should note the following:

  • All requests for repeat scripts for drugs of dependence will go to your usual doctor.
  • All requests require a clinical review by your doctor. If it appears to your doctor that there is no improvement in your daily function or quality of life from the controlled substance, your medication may be discontinued.
  • As a patient, you agree to, and understand that, your usual doctor reserves the right to perform random or unannounced urine drug testing. This is a safety issue.
  • Patients are responsible for their prescriptions. Lost prescriptions will not be replaced.
  • Repeat prescriptions are generally written for a maximum of 3-month supply and will be filled at the same pharmacy.
  • Patients have the responsibility to schedule appointments for the next opioid prescription before leaving the clinic or within 3 days of the last clinic visit.
  • Patients have the responsibility for keeping medications in a safe and secure place, such as a locked cabinet or safe. If medications are lost, misplaced, or stolen your doctor may choose not to replace the medications or to taper and discontinue the medications.
  • Patients have the responsibility for taking medications as directed and understand that increasing the dose without the close supervision of your doctor could lead to the cessation of prescribing. Early requests for repeats scripts will not be performed.
  • Patients have the responsibility to set appointments to review ongoing therapy. This should be monthly and made at the last clinic appointment. No walk-in appointments for medication refills will be granted.